Saturday, 10 August 2013

I have always found that rooms tell a lot about someone. I think it has something to do with the fact that our rooms are our own private sanctuaries, where we can practise our passions and dreams and have no-one looking upon us and judging us.

Personally I like to sow and knit in my room. My parents are so curious when they see me knitting in the family room, they don't voice it but they watch with wonder at why I could possibly want to knit in my spare time.

In my room I can listen to music and just soak. You may not be aware of what soaking is so I am going to teach you how to soak right now.

1. Close the door
2. Put on music that gets your emotions running wild(for me it is Jeff Pianki)
3. Lay down
4. Soak it in, with out thinking about anything in particular

You now know how to soak. Congratulations.

Sometimes I like to look at my room from the eyes of someone who has no idea who I am. I look at the chinese ornaments, the picture of paris, the fake roses, the sonic screwdriver, the hand made wooden box and the sowing kit.

And what do I think? It's fascinating. It's mesmerising.

I encourage you to soak, learn to love your room, and then look at your room from the perspective of someone who hasn't learned to love your room.

Sincerely, Sarah.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Style Icons | Lily Collins, Emma Watson |

This is the majestic Lily Collins. I love her acting, but I also love her style. Like me, she is a pretty big fan of the overthrow, which I think really adds a level of effort to an outfit. I personally am a skirt kinda gal, but Lily Collins certainly does know how to make plain shinny jeans look stylish and sophisticated.

Maybe my obsession with Emma Watson started with Harry Potter, maybe it truly started when I became enraptured in how she composed and used her experiences. Either way, this gal is quite the gem. With her big jackets, cute scarfs and chopped hair how can I not have her as a style icon?

So, who's your style icon? Why are they your style icons?
Thanks for reading
Sincerely, Sarah

Monday, 5 August 2013

Styling Tuesday

There's always those things you wish you could pull off, or you wish you had the money for right?

Well this is a little way of me expressing my creative juices and pretending my pockets are deeper.

Also I really hope you might be able to draw inspiration from these outfit.

Hat $14.95
I love felt hats, I think they are really multi-seasonal. At least for me, an individual who is happy to wear a hat in the winter.

Bag $29.99
Nice, simple and chic. That's my type of bag. Transitions perfectly into all outfit types.

Overthrow $99.99
I am absolutely obsessed with overthrows. I think they go perfectly with the boots and tap into some shades in the skirt.

Top $14.99
Lace. It goes with everything, can be casual and dressy. The crop of this top sits so well with the skater skirt.

Skirt $29.99
This skirt is so unique and reminds me of nights out to dinner with friends. I know I would get a lot of use out of this skirt.

Boots $49.95
When you feel and outfit is going a bit too much to the dark side it's good to put a splash of colour in the mix and incorporate with an accessory, which in my case was the overthrow.

I really hope you enjoyed this. Any of these things now on your wish list? let me know xx
Sincerely, Sarah.

Friday, 2 August 2013

July Favourites

So it's just ticked over to August(well, by just I mean 3 days ago) so that means it's time for a monthly favourites post!

I don't have heaps of favourites this month, but none the less, it is always excited discovering new products or poems.
Loreal Paris Instant Lift Foundation
Innoxa Velvet Blush Powder - Peach and Posy
Maybelline NY Colorsensational - 465 Madison Muave
Revlon Color stay Liquid Liner - Blackest Black
Frankie Magazine Issue 54
OMSHE Aromatherapy Fresh Balance Nourishing Toner
Anniversay - Gwen Harwood
Khaki Winter Jacket - Sportsgirl

Loreal Paris Instant Lift Foundation
I have seriously tried out about 4 foundations this month only to be disappointed in all but one. This foundation gives brilliant coverage without feeling too heavy on your skin, and it is also the perfect shade for me. So yay!
It does say on the packaging that it reduces wrinkles through, but I am 16 years old without wrinkles so I can't really give you an evaluation on that.
Innoxa Velvet Blush Powder - Peach and Posy
Cheap and brilliant. I have used Peach(the coral colour) on my cheeks everyday by working it from my temple down to the apples of y cheeks. And on nights when I am going out I do the same but put Posy(pink) over peace but only on the apples of my cheeks.
Maybelline NY Colorsensational - Madison Muave
You know it's a good lipstick when you get multiple compliments in one night. You know it's a good lipstick when you look at your lips 5 hours after first application and it still looks picture perfect.
And lastly, you know it's a good lipstick when it is the perfect purple for any occasion. Please check this lipstick out, I love the colorsensational collection, I have about 6 lipsticks from that collection.
Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner - Blackest Black
Perfecto! This eyeliner has brilliant consistency. The Applicator is a lot like a marker(but don't worry, the product isn't) which makes it so easy to apply the line that you want. Also, this is a very good eyeliner for doing wings.
Frankie Magazine Issue 54
Every 2 months the new issue of Frankie will will be in my favourites. It is a given. My favourite stores this issue were "bye bye, friend." and "Castle in the Sky."
To find out more about Frankie go to
OMSHE Aromatherapy Fresh Balance Nourishing Toner
I seriously have a problem with toners, every single toner I have ever tried has caused my skin bad irritation. Burning.
But this toner feels like water on your skin(but doesn't smell like water, just warning ya) and really helps sustain my skins moisture.
Khaki Winter Jacket - Sportsgirl
There is not really much to say other than it keeps me warm in the Australia winter nights and it looks awesome.
I am quite tall so I love that this jacket is longer on me. Just warning you though, it can be quite expensive if you don't have a friend who gets a 80% off discount.

And Last, but certainly no least is this poem. Just read it and weep.
Read it and weep.
Are you weeping? good.

Sincerely, Sarah.