Monday, 5 August 2013

Styling Tuesday

There's always those things you wish you could pull off, or you wish you had the money for right?

Well this is a little way of me expressing my creative juices and pretending my pockets are deeper.

Also I really hope you might be able to draw inspiration from these outfit.

Hat $14.95
I love felt hats, I think they are really multi-seasonal. At least for me, an individual who is happy to wear a hat in the winter.

Bag $29.99
Nice, simple and chic. That's my type of bag. Transitions perfectly into all outfit types.

Overthrow $99.99
I am absolutely obsessed with overthrows. I think they go perfectly with the boots and tap into some shades in the skirt.

Top $14.99
Lace. It goes with everything, can be casual and dressy. The crop of this top sits so well with the skater skirt.

Skirt $29.99
This skirt is so unique and reminds me of nights out to dinner with friends. I know I would get a lot of use out of this skirt.

Boots $49.95
When you feel and outfit is going a bit too much to the dark side it's good to put a splash of colour in the mix and incorporate with an accessory, which in my case was the overthrow.

I really hope you enjoyed this. Any of these things now on your wish list? let me know xx
Sincerely, Sarah.

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